Monday, December 30, 2013

quilt room and photography

I thought I would show a more recent view of my longarm quilt room.  It has changed over the
years and filling up with quilts and UFO's. 

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Keep Calm 'cuz Christmas is Over......

 The holidays are over, but the memories are joyful.    This year we had a special visitor stay and wreak havoc in our house, Barry the Elf.   It was so cute watching the kids wake up every morning, looking for Barry.    We visited with family in PA the weekend before Xmas, which is always a pleasure.   The kids get EXTRA spoiled!!!   Next year we will remember to rent a U Haul.     Santa arrived at our house a little late on Christmas Eve, because 2 little tiny pickles were TOO excited to fall asleep.   This year was definitely a LEGO year for Gavin, and a Baby Doll and Princess Year for Raegan.   ;)   We are looking forward to 2014.   

"Your Smile Makes Me Smile"

Cute Grandkids

Andrea (I mean Little Pickle) showed me a blanket she had ordered with her kids on it. So I thought I would order one from Shutterfly and make a quilt of the pictures for my kids.  Well I liked it so much I kept it and put it on the wall.  I look at this photo and think I have such cute happy grandkids!!

Le Creuset Christmas.....

It was a Le Creuset Christmas @ the Little Pickle Household.  I must slightly brag and say that I made some amazing dishes these past 2 days which I will share.  I got them from the Le Creuset website.    To see these delicious recipes click on the links:   Baked Lemon Risotto   and  Sweet Potato Bisque

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Ok this is momma pickle with her first blog post.  I got a new camera for Christmas and am learning how to use it.  There is alot to learn.  Little pickle is so much better with tech stuff.  Here is a picture of tea time.  Little pickle took me to a tea shop when we last visited.  I got the teapot for Christmas and made a mugrug!!

Friday, December 27, 2013

Welcome to our Blog

Welcome to our  (Momma Pickle's and Little Pickle's) new blog!    We are going to cover lots of topics and post anything that floats our boat.   A few of our favorite topics will be......


Quilting.... (yes, this huge monster of a beast takes up Momma Pickles entire basement)

 and last but not least FAMILY......

We hope you enjoy!!!!!!!     :)