Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Escape from the Snow

Little Pickle and family escaped from the cold and the snow for 5 days and went to sunny Hollywood Florida.   We had no plans except for pure relaxation.   It was exactly that!!

We awoke early Friday morning to catch our flight out of Baltimore at 6:45 am.   Thanks to Momma and Papa Pickle for watching the dogs a few days and to our friend Heather, the remaining days!!

We arrived at the hotel around 10 am and the first stop was the beach and the pool!

Hollywood has a trolley that runs so we did not need to rent a car.   Friday night we ordered pizza for dinner and went downtown to the Kids Festival, where we spent an hour watching the kids in the bounce house.

All day Saturday was a beach day.   We rented an umbrella and chairs for the day on the beach and bounced back and forth between swimming in the ocean and playing in the sand.  

Sunday morning was spent collecting sea shells which soon became a favorite activity of Gavins.   We have a whole bag full of seashells we brought back.  Sunday afternoon we took the water taxi up to Fort Lauderdale for lunch.    The remainder of Sunday was spent by the pool!!

We stayed at the Marriott in Hollywood which was right on the beach and boardwalk.  It was a great hotel and had a nice ocean side restaraunt so we ate there most days, and did not have a bad meal.    It was nice because we could eat on the boardwalk and watch the kids play on the beach.

All day Monday from 9 am to 4 pm we were in the pool!  The kids did not nap and went strong all day, but crashed early at 6:00!!!!

Tuesday was spent enjoying the sun and fun for the last day!  We met lots of great people and the kids had lots of other little friends to play with.   We rented a bicycle Tuesday evening which was an adventure.   

Back to the snow and cold we go!!!  We return to Maryland with temperatures in the 20s and light snow!   I hope our getaway will help us get through this winter and we really look forward to spring!!!!

Good bye for now warm weather but will see you again soon!

Sunday, February 16, 2014


Where oh where have I been?  Oh that's right I have been home the past 2 weeks with a little boy that came back with a positive Salmonella culture!!!      I think we are finally getting back into our normal routine.  The health department called because of the result and wanted me to retrack all of our activities and what we ate for 2 weeks!   That is just down right hard to do!!!!

Glad to say he is finally back to normal!!!

We are so sick of this winter so decided to book a Florida vacation.   We can't wait and apparently my kids can't either.

Valentines day was lovely!   We had our traditional crab legs and steak that the kids devoured.   Also had special cupcakes for dessert.    Doesn't get much better than that!   I promise to be better at blogging now that things have "calmed" down here!!!!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

It is a snowy valentine's day.  We didn't get the snow that the south got though.  It is always snowy here in Pennsylvania.  It is beautiful though.  My hubby (Papa Pickle) sent me beautiful flowers at
work yesterday so I took some pictures. The first one is taken last night at 10 o'clock.
The second picture is this morning.  Beautiful flowers!
Thank you Papa Pickle.  Happy Valentine's Day!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Proud of Little Pickle

I am proud of Little Pickle and her husband fixing such good meals for us last weekend.  I was embarassed that I didn't know how to pronounce the name of the delicious supper.
It was Boeuf Bourguinion.  Now when I was her age with little ones  I made hamburg gravy over mashed potatoes.  I thought I was doing good.  They can keep cooking Julia Child recipes when we visit.

February Hearts and photography

I did  alittle quilting this weekend finishing my February Hearts.  I used wool batting.  I took pictures in manual mode but it was getting late in the day.  Of course it was cloudy outside so I used some lighting.  It caused some shadows.


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Visit to Little Pickles..

Last weekend Momma Pickle and Papa Pickle came to visit.  I haven't even had time to write about it because since they left I've had 2 sicks kids with diarrhea.   

Does this look like the picture of a sick boy?    I know it doesn't, but he has had some serious bloody diarrheas the past few days.

So, Back to our visit!  Momma Pickle brought me one of her sewing machines! Yaaaaa.   However, some of the supplies I need are still at her house.   We will get there.  We visited a quilt store in centreville while she was here and I am getting ideas for my next quilt.

We also took the kids to Busy Bodies which is a place for kids to run around and play. 

I also was able to make them Julia Childs recipe for Boeuf Bourguinion.   Mmmmm so tasty!

Hubby and I were able to go on a date to watch a movie (Lone Survivor).   The kids got some quality time with their papa and  grandma!  

Oh and how could I forget this hilarious moment.   Momma pickle and I attempted to take some selfies for our blog.  I think it was a failed attempt as we were laughing so hard!!!

Enjoy your weekend!!!!