Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014... The projects begin...

I have in my mind a couple ideas I would like do to in 2014.   The first project I want to start on with the help of Momma Pickle is a Harley T-shirt Quilt.    We have lots of Harley shirts from when my husbands father passed away in 2006.    Some he wears, but most are stuffed in a dresser.   What better way to show them off than making a t-shirt quilt.

The second project Momma Pickle and I are going to do in February, is take our cameras and spend a weekend in Emlenton, PA where she was raised.   We still visit there a couple times a year, but its always to visit family, and we have never really done a "trip down memory lane" trip.  The goal is to capture as much as we can about our family "through the lens".       We plan on staying at the Foxburg Inn along the Allegheny River.    

This picture is from "the deck" where many family gatherings are held in Emlenton.

So goodbye 2013.  We miss you very much Grammy and Maggie!!!  Looking forward to a new year with exciting and new opportunities!  

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