Monday, January 20, 2014

We love the Eastern Shore

So, "Little Pickle" would love it if the rest of the pickle family would live closer to us on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.    It really is a beautiful place that has it all.   We still get all 4 seasons, just not as drastic of a winter as we did in Northwestern PA.  I actually look forward to snow because we don't get that much.    We live about 5-10 minutes away from the Corsica River which we will crab and fish on, as well as the Chesapeake Bay which has great fishing!!  (We still have a freezer full of Rock fish from the summer!).  Also we have a freezer full of venison because deer hunting here is great as well.   We are fortunate enough to own a nice piece of land to hunt on.   

This is a picture of the Kent Narrows that we drive by every day to get the kids.   Just beautiful and often times take for granted the beautiful area we live in.     So we live in farm country, surrounded by farms and fields but in 20-30 minutes we can get to Annapolis which is a beautiful city and great place to visit if you have never been.

(My friend Janice and I in Annapolis)..

So back to Centreville..  We have outlet shopping 5 minutes from our house, can get to Delaware where there is no sales tax in about 30 minutes, and can be at the ocean in an hour and a half.   There really is always something to do and we are within driving distance or a train ride in to DC or Baltimore in an hour.

This is a picture coming up our driveway the other night.   Just picture perfect.  These ponds are usually filled with geese, so as you can imagine goose hunting is huge here on the eastern shore.

This summer we are going to join a program that Maryland State Parks put on for families called Parkquest and with this program you visit as many maryland state parks as you can and do different events at each state park such as geocaching and hikes.    We can't wait to learn more about this state.

So what else can I say to convince the other pickles to move to Maryland...  Ummm the most important piece..   There are 2 cutie pie kids named Gavin and Raegan that really love and miss their family!!!

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  1. Uncle Mark and I visited there for a long weekend one time... We loved it... I love you plea for the other pickles to move LOL your so cute :)