Monday, January 13, 2014

Little Pickle is EXHAUSTED!

I have been so busy lately doing fun family stuff I've been too tired to blog and pass out by 8:30 (just like Papa Pickle!).

This little stinker pickle is one reason why I haven't blogged.   She has moved to the big girl bed, and wants 10 "princess doodle" stories before bed.   So we lay in her bed and tell stories and then Little Pickle gets super duper sleepy!!!   She is also in "potty training" mode so it's about 100 times of "fake out" potty times which gets old!   Lol

We can't wait for Momma and Papa Pickle to come visit us soon!!!   :).   Gonna get the sewing machine back and get back into quilting again!!!   

Also new, is we have joined the Ymca and took the kids swimming there over the weekend.   They loved it!     Hubby and I did some lap swimming first and the kids played in the really cool kid zone there and then when we were done we brought them in the pool with us!   Fun day!!!      Triathalon training has officially begun...

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